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Our Story & Founder

Who We Are

TULA is a doctor-founded brand built on the power of probiotic extracts & superfoods. We believe that the same type of ingredients which are good for your body are also great for your skin. We focus on being healthy, not perfect & on empowering everyone to feel confident in their skin.


Our founder, Dr. Roshini Raj, is a practicing gastroenterologist, having graduated from Harvard and New York University. Fascinated by the power of probiotics in both beauty & wellness, she’s been studying this field for more than 20 years.

A total superwoman, Dr. Raj is also an entrepreneur, medical editor, author, mom, & health correspondent. Always on the go, she once joined a TULA board meeting in scrubs after performing an early morning surgery!

Dr. Raj had a lightbulb moment after seeing the life-changing impact probiotics in your natural diet & in supplements had on her patients’ internal health. Not only were they feeling better, but their skin seemed to be glowing.

In 2014, Dr. Raj launched TULA, applying her medical knowledge to skincare with the goal of restoring her patients' confidence.

Fast forward to today: at TULA, we don’t think you should have to choose between ingredients that are healthy and what works. Our approach to formulation is simple: we look to research & clinical studies to determine which ingredients we do & don’t include. We also want to help you find your own healthy, balanced life. Our name reflects this, TULA means ‘balance’ in Sanskrit.

*None of our skincare products contain live cultures.

“Working with my patients showed me how deeply personal & emotional the relationship with our skin is. When I set out to create probiotic extract-powered products, they had to be clean & effective plus inspire confidence. Skincare is just the start.”



TULA’s vision is to inspire confidence. We focus on being healthy not ‘perfect.’ We believe there’s nothing ‘anti’ about aging. Forget the “before” & “after”—you’re always beautiful. The time to embrace your skin™ & unleash your glow® isn’t later—it’s now.

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